Essential Time-saving Tips For Every Opera Lover

Those of you who've used Opera for a while have by now come to know some of the browser's little secrets, including useful features that many users are unaware of.

This post serves to highlight some of the most commonly used Opera treats, as well as some that may have escaped even the uber user!

Alternate shortcuts denote the equivelent shortcut in OSX. Original here.

  • Quickly save an image with Ctrl+click / ⌘+click.
    If the image is also a link hold the Alt key down as well.
  • Quickly close a tab with Shift+click when the cursor is over a tab in the Tab bar.
  • Reopen the last closed tab with Ctrl+Z / ⌘+Z.
    If an input box is active the shortcut functions as the standard Undo. Alternatively Ctrl+Shift+T can always be used.
  • Group tabs by dragging them on top of each other. Also known as tab stacking. Right-click the tab stack to view options.

    Double-clicking a tab in the stack will expand/collpase the group.
  • Quickly search a page with . or /.

    Use , to search only within link titles.
  • Pin a tab to prevent it from being accidentally closed by right-clicking the tab and selecting Pin Tab.
  • Quickly launch bookmarks by using a Nickname.

    To add a Nickname either select Bookmark Page from the Bookmark menu then click the Details button to show additional options; or view the Properties of a bookmark in the Bookmark Manager.

    Now to easily access the bookmark next time simply type the abbreviation into the addressbar and hit enter!

    Superuser tip: Nicknames can also be used for an entire folder of bookmarks, opening each in their own tab; an effective method of opening frequently used pages.
    Superuser tip: Bookmarklets can also be assigned nicknames, saving valuable toolbar space.

  • Save text snippets with Copy To Note.

    Highlight any text on a page, right-click it and select Copy To Note to save that text to Opera's Notes panel (F4).

    Saved snippets can now be inserted into text fields by pressing the down arrow.

  • Enable single-key shortcuts to save time browsing. Navigate Back/Forward with Z/X, switch left/right between tabs with 1/2.

    Open Preferences>Advanced>Shortcuts and check 'Enable single-key shortcuts'.
  • Load the next page of a paginated site by pressing Space when the end of the page is reached, or by swiping right on a touchpad.
    This feature uses the 'Fast Forward' ability of Opera which guesses the next page in a series.
  • Use the mouse to navigate Back/Forward. Return back with Right-click+Left-click, and forward with Left-click+Right-click.
  • Pop-up Bookmark properties of a bookmark which is currently open with Shift+Ctrl+D / Shift+⌘+D.
    All fields can be edited in this pop-up except the Address, if you do change the Address it will create another bookmark with the other fields duplicated.
  • Navigate links visually with Shift+Arrow keys. Use Shift+Enter to open the highlighted link in a new tab.

    Useful for more easily opening links in a long list.

  • Undo Speed Dial changes with Ctrl+Z / ⌘+Z while on the Speed Dial page.

    This reverses the last action taken on the tiles. Ctrl+Y / ⌘+Y will redo the action.

    The shortcut will only work if the addressbar is unselected.

  • Disable forced new tabs when clicking links by checking this setting in Opera.
    Keeps links that open in popup windows functioning as expected.
  • Move up a directory in the URL with Ctrl+Backspace / ⌘+Backspace.

One thought on “Essential Time-saving Tips For Every Opera Lover

  1. Also one to addalt tab for visual tabs navigation in a windowright click (then) scroll wheel does the same thing

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