Create Your Own Time-saving Custom Search!

One of Opera's standout yet under-promoted features is the ability to add any search engine to the Search box. It's a nice time-saver that allows you to make searches without having first to visit the site.

Try it out: right-click any search box and there will be a 'Create Search' item in the context menu.

You can also set a keyword to search the site directly from the addressbar, in this example using 'y' before the query to search Youtube.

Read on for further unique custom searches! Including Google Maps, Bitly shortened URLs, currency conversion, reverse image lookup and more.

Try them out, make your own, and enjoy this nifty Opera feature!


2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Time-saving Custom Search!

  1. I use yt for the Youtube search, gi for Google images, gm for Google maps, ddg for Duck Duck GoI have 20 or so custom searches in Opera, feels weird using another browser feels weird partly because of it

  2. Opera Presto is something special. I do hope Opera Blink will continue to bring back what essentially made Opera unique and beloved.I see in the Opera 17 dev version the ability to add custom search engine strings via the preferences, so it's a start. Basic single-key shortcut support is back which is also a good thing.

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