Drag-and-drop Custom Toolbar Buttons

Every Opera-loving geek has his/her own collection of customized buttons, anything from showing/hiding panels to running a bookmarklet. So below I've compiled some I've found handy into their own post.

To add any of the buttons to your toolbar simply drag them there, and click 'Ok' to the dialog message.

Note: post-Wordpress conversion the buttons lack the original icons, and in some case no longer work. See the original here.

  • Auto translation
    The first button will translate either the selected text or the entire page to English depending on whether any text is selected.

    The second button opens Google's own translation toolbar, which can translate foreign text to any language in-place without reloading the page.

    The second button is currently broken as part of the code gets removed in the output (fully escaping it doesn't help). If anyone has suggestions add a comment 🙂 Original bookmarklet here.

  • Go to the Home page of a site
    Loads the home page of the current site.

    Thanks to Usopion for the button. Alternatively you can copy the following javascript and use it for your home page.
  • Shorten URL using Bitly
    Creates a J.mp shortened URL of the currently viewed page.

    Credit to Andrea for the script. The button uses the even shorter j.mp domain, also by bitly.

    Alternatively use this bookmarkletand give it a nickname to launch it from the addressbar (strip everything before 'javascript') .

  • QR code generator
    Displays the QR code for the current page in a large lightbox, perfect for sharing links with mobile devices.

    Thanks to Frenzie for the recommendation, credit to Shaun Ault for the script. Find the bookmarklet version on the original site.

Read on for more custom buttons! Updated whenever I find exciting new buttons.

  • Open In Folder
    Add to the Downloads toolbar to open the directory the selected file is saved to.

    The second button is for OSX and uses the alternate label 'Open in Finder'.

  • Return-to-top
    Scrolls to the top of a webpage. Two icons are available.

    For some reason there is some unecessary padding on the Home button. Alternatively you can copy the following javascript and use it for your home page.

  • Convert Image to Data URI
    Encodes any open image to a base64 data URI, useful for embedding images in web pages without external hosting.

    Thanks to Frenzie for the script. Images have to be web hosted initially. Alternatively use this bookmarklet and give it a nickname to launch it from the addressbar.
    Regularly used with moderation in web design, embedding icons in userscripts, and non-404'ing forum signatures. For more on data URIs see here for some examples, and here to test it for yourself.

  • Detach Youtube video to separate window
    Opens the currently open video in it's own mini window.

    Credit to Michael Wheeler for the script.
    Alternatively use this bookmarklet and give it a nickname to launch it from the addressbar.
  • Copy With Formatting
    Copies the selected text with basic formatting intact.

    Thanks to EcceNux for the button.
  • Open Google Cache version of current page
    Opens the cached version of the page stored by Google (if available).

    See also my custom searches post for an addressbar search alternative, and the Google Cache Continue Redux userscript in the sidebar menu.
  • Toggle Extensions toolbar / Show Extensions menu
    Shows/hides the extension icons in the toolbar. Holding the button down displays the Extension menu.

    See also the Mnemonic Keyboard Shortcuts post for a keyboard shortcut alternative.
  • Reload / Stop / Reload All Tabs menu
    A replacement for the standard Reload button with an added 'Reload all tabs' item when held down.

    Note: my minimalist menu mod must be used for the drop-down item to appear.
  • Clear Zalgo unicode text
    Clears bizarre 'Zalgo' unicode characters from a page.

    Credit to Giorgio for the script. See here for an example of 'Zalgo' text.

    Alternatively use this bookmarklet and give it a nickname to launch it from the addressbar.


3 thoughts on “Drag-and-drop Custom Toolbar Buttons

  1. Lauren, this opera button styling completely rules, i ask permission to use it in jsarmor's documentation !

  2. Sure you can!

  3. Thanks for 'Copy with formating' and 'Scroll to top'

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