Making Keyboard Shortcuts Way Easier To Remember

Occasionally I'll stumble upon some Opera gem, and a few weeks back I found Tamil's brilliant Mnemonic Keyboard Shortcuts piece he wrote for his ever-growing Opera tips blog.

In a nutshell it's a way to create easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts for Opera by typing out abbreviations of the command you want to use.

For example typing "chrome" could be set up to open the current page in the Chrome browser.

Whhhy oh why! 😉

Or using 'exten' to toggle the extension icons.

Read on for more shortcuts, including handy ones like "pin" to pin/unpin tabs.

Adding your shortcuts

  1. Open Preferences>Advanced tab>Shortcuts and under 'Keyboard setup' select the 'Opera Standard' item and click the 'Duplicate' button to make a backup copy.
  2. Double-click the duplicated copy, select the 'Application' item in the pop-up window, then click the 'New' button to add a new shortcut.
  3. Add any of the following shortcuts to the columns.

The following table is unstyled, save your eyes and see the original post here.


Input context and shortcut

Open in Chrome (Windows)
Execute program, "C:Documents and SettingsusernameLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe", "%u"
Open in Chrome (OSX)*
Execute program, "/Applications/", "%u"
Opera:config page
New page & Go to page, "opera:config" & Delay, 500 & Focus next widget & Focus next widget
Opera preferences
Show preferences
View source
View document source
Toggle Extensions icons
Set alignment, "Extensions Toolbar", 6 | Set alignment, "Extensions Toolbar", 0
Pin tab
Lock page | Unlock page
Clone tab
Duplicate page
Show View>Style menu pop-up
Show popup menu, "Style Menu"
Toggle 'High Contrast (W/B)' style
Select user CSS file, 4 | Deselect user CSS file, 4
Toggle Speed Dial page lock (prevent close buttons and settings icon)**
Set preference, "User Prefs|Speed Dial State=2" | Set preference, "User Prefs|Speed Dial State=1"

*On OSX only the first initial page opens.
**The addressbar must be unfocused for shortcut to work.

Note for 'Single-key' shortcuts users

If you have enabled 'single-key shortcuts' in the Preferences then any shortcut beginning with a d e h i q s v w x z will trigger an existing Opera shortcut instead. Because of this I decided to delete the 'h', 's' and 'e' single-key shortcuts as I don't use these anyway.

Try them out or play around with your own and have fun!


3 thoughts on “Making Keyboard Shortcuts Way Easier To Remember

  1. Incidentally, are you aware of go to nickname?

  2. I wasn't, thanks for the tip! Automatically going to the first matching site is a nice touch. Nicknames in general are a time-saver.Tamil posted a method of doing a similar function with mnemonic shortcuts. In his example he used "m,o" to open "" in a new tab from any page he's currently on. Not sure how often I'd need to save that extra half-second though 😀 I personally only use mnemonic shortcuts for settings-type commands.

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