Userscripts! Installing User-made Scripts In Opera

Userscripts are useful modifications of existing website functionality. Some add features that are lacking, others change features and some remove elements that the creator feels unnecessary.

Userscripts run on a website automatically, there are no toolbar buttons to click, they simply do their job as you visit the page.

In the Blog sidebar I've added some links to various userscripts that I've found useful. Below I 've chosen the Youtube Downloader Button userscript for the setup instructions.

The Youtube Downloader userscript adds a natively-styled download button to all Youtube videos. An Opera extension is also available based on this userscript.

Setting up Opera to use Userscripts

  1. Firstly create a new folder somewhere on your computer called 'Userscripts' (it can be called anything actually).
  2. Open Opera's Preferences and click the 'Advanced' tab. Select the 'Content' item in the left-side pane.
  3. Click the 'Javascript Options' button and at the bottom click 'Choose' to select the 'Userscripts' folder you created.

Installing Userscripts

Go to the userscript page that contains the script you'd like to download (in this example the Youtube Downloader button) and right-click the 'Install' button and select 'Save Linked Content As…' and save the script file to your Userscripts folder.

Now go to the site that the script targets and after the page has loaded you should see the script in action.

Now the next time you discover a useful userscript you'll know how to add it to Opera!


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