A Minimalist Opera Context Menu Mod

If you're like me most browser context (right-click) menus feel a little crowded. Opera in particular has many great menu options, but sometimes a slimmer version would be appreciated. This minimalist mod brings context menus back to just the essentials. The result is almost Safari-like in it's simplicity, without losing any Opera goodness.

All the original items are left in the modified .ini menu file, but commented out with a semi-colon. If you prefer any of the original items feel free to uncomment them back by removing the semi-colon.

Compatible with both Windows and OSX.

Lil Bub is perpetually amazed.

Main differences

  • Context menus:

    • Simplified the most commonly used context menus (Mail menus are as yet left untouched)
    • Removed 'Translate' context menu sub menu and replaced it with a single Translate bookmarklet item that translates any selected text to English, or if no text is selected the entire web page.
    • Added an optional 'Dictionary' item for launching the Windows dictionary app Wordweb (uncomment the line on 1034 to activate, change path if needed)
  • Menus:

    • Removed 'Open All Folder Items' from bookmark folder menus
    • Added View Source item to View menu for quicker access
    • Added 2 hidden custom menu items for some custom buttons I created.


  1. Go to Opera's profile folder (paste the following into the address bar to check location):
  2. Open the 'menu' folder (if it doesn't exist create a folder named 'menu') and place the attached 'laurenbacall_mod.ini' in that folder.
  3. Now open Preferences>Advanced>Toolbars and under 'Menu setup' select the laurenbacall mod.
  4. Done!

Last update: 2012-11-21

File currently offline, will find a replacement host soon



4 thoughts on “A Minimalist Opera Context Menu Mod

  1. I recommend trying "Copy Link Address" as the top item, followed by "Save Linked Content", with the whole open stuff underneath if present at all. Of course your workflow may differ, but I'll briefly explain mine:Open is redundant, for it's the same as left-click. Open in new and background page aren't necessarily redundant, but usually I press Shift or Ctrl while clicking. I use those options only rarely. My most frequent use for right-clicking then is Copy Link Address, followed by Save Linked Content. Unless you heavily depend on right-clicking instead of modifier keys, I can guarantee that you'll like this change—except for the fact that it deviates further from the default than merely removing some unused entries. Therefore once you go down this road, the default Opera will become increasingly cringeworthy.

  2. Originally posted by laurenbacall:

    There are actually times I use 'Open', like when a link would otherwise auto open in a new tab

    Fair enough. Note that there are also UserJS solutions. :)Anyway, my context menu isn't that minimalist. Mostly it's just ordered a little differently so that my most-used functions are on top and bottom. I could probably cut out the middle, but it's not really in the way or anything.Originally posted by laurenbacall:

    it's funny how many browser menu items are underused or redundant.

    I think it's mostly because some people like the keyboard, some like to right-click, etc., but presumably few people use all possibilities regularly if at all. So they can't really do anything about it, but you can. 😉

  3. Interesting, an even more minimalist approach 😆 There are actually times I use 'Open', like when a link would otherwise auto open in a new tab, but it's funny how many browser menu items are underused or redundant.Update: just added a new 'Ignore Target' tip to my Opera Tips post, which prevents links forcing a new tab :up:

  4. yadavankur writes:Thanks, using it and loving it.

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